Apr 19, 2021

Is your Last Will testament to your last wishes?

Covid-19 has caused many people to confront death in a way that’s jolted them to action. The pandemic has focused most people’s attention on the possibility […]
Mar 24, 2021

News from ASL People and development

Frances Burger, who joined ASL Advisory in June 2019 as a Legal Consultant, was promoted to Associate in January 2021. She completed her master’s degree in […]
Mar 24, 2021

How time will affect your long-term future

  As we move into the next phase of recovery, business decision-makers should now apply even deeper and more dedicated focus to return to pre-COVID financial […]
Mar 24, 2021

Withdrawing retirement funds upon emigration

  Background Financial emigration is the process by which South African residents formalise their non-resident status for exchange control purposes. During the 2020 Budget Speech, it […]
Mar 24, 2021

2021 Budget Speech: What you need to know

Finance Minister Tito Mboweni delivered his third National Budget Speech on 24 February 2021. It was his first annual budget address since the start of the […]
Mar 24, 2021

Xero: VAT201 Report and direct link to eFiling

  Filing VAT returns have never been this easy! Xero recently launched the VAT201 Report as a better alternative for the long existing VAT Audit Report. […]
Mar 24, 2021


“Stay committed to your decisions, but stay flexible in your approach” – Tony Robbins It is an exceptional privilege for us to publish our first newsletter […]
Feb 15, 2021

Tax considerations to move your business forward in 2021

As with all things small – such as a puppy, a baby or even your new business – at some point what once start off as […]
Feb 1, 2021

Considerations when starting a new business

Last year proved that business owners that incorporate contingency financial planning to circumnavigate any event have the best chance of thriving in a business climate laden […]