See our six steps of action to assist you to effectively move your business into the cloud

Wanneer om my persoonlike bates en laste te verklaar
March 9, 2018
Theres an increase in VAT. Remember that.
March 20, 2018

  1. Schedule a free one-hour meeting

This will be arranged with a Cloud Implementation Specialist, a Cloud Strategist, or a Cloud Manager, who will also assist in addressing any questions you may have. Based on this meeting, a decision will be made regarding implementation, as well as a suitable “cloud package” for your business.

  1. Convert Pastel, Quickbooks or Sage information into Xero

The extracted information will be used for your new Xero platform. Allow up to a week for the conversion (upload) and setup. Depending on the previous platform, once uploaded, historic financial information is available for a standard period of two years. Therefore, in most cases, historic financial information is not lost. 

  1. The setup of the Xero platform

This step ensures that upon the hand-over to clients, Xero is immediately ready for use by making sure VAT codes are correct and figures were uploaded correctly from the previous accounting system. This process can take a few hours, but allow one or two days for scheduling. 

  1. Full system description is performed on the company

This step has the following purpose: to ensure that ASL understands a client’s processes, to implement a relevant and useful system for a client’s specific context; to enable a solid foundation on which a truly collaborative relationship can be built in the future; to identify areas where existing accounting processes can be optimised and automated; to dig into the Xero app partners to determine what resources can be used. This step can take between one to two weeks to complete, depending on client availability, information, resources, etc.

  1. Create a cloud support team with different levels of engagement

This will drive the implementation process and includes further support, such as a multi-faceted approach, with a team involved on different levels, which varies from daily tasks and assistance, to more senior strategic inputs from experienced business scholars. It’s aimed at collaboration with the customer and the process going forward. This step depends on the package and on the circumstances of the client, resources in the finance team, previous internal Xero knowledge, requirements for strategic input, etc. Depending on the client, this process can be ongoing, might only run for a month or two, or not even at all.

  1. Depending on the specific business, “tailor-made” training will be offered

This step will cover the primary aspects of Xero. It can also include training in Xero add-on programs. Training is aimed at making sure clients are equipped to effectively use Xero once it is implemented. This could be a single session of perhaps two hours, or it could be an ongoing process over an agreed period.



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