Audit efficiency – the constant strive to improve service excellence

April 6, 2018
By ASL glo ons om ons suksesse te vier…
April 25, 2018

As an Audit Department and SAICA training office, the balancing act between developing trainees to the competencies required, adhering to all regulatory requirements, remaining current and up to date with all changes in the industry together with providing high quality work efficiently and service excellence can be challenging.

We believe that efficiency in everything we do is the underlying factor that determines successful achievement of the above. In short, our philosophy to obtain excellent customer service is as follows: employee motivation + efficiency = customer service and satisfaction.  

Efficiency is therefore a constant and emphasised drive at ASL, to achieve one of our primary focus areas – customer service.

In our opinion, the key to achieving efficiency is having employee participation. We therefore provide trainees with a conducive environment to be part of shaping new ideas, procedures and implementations. Being on the frontline of daily interaction with clients and being involved in the smallest of details places trainees in a unique position to contribute to efficiency. Including trainees in this process further ties with their motivation, moral and overall buy in.

Our main focus areas and objectives in achieving audit efficiency are as follows;

  • Continuously implementing new systems and procedures, and evaluating the effectiveness thereof, never stagnating and doing things the same year after year,
  • Implementing effective quality control measures,
  • Motivation for trainees to perform tasks timeously and accurately first-time round, as well as being a critical part of trainee evaluations,
  • Identifying opportunities to save time without compromising on quality,
  • Working in synergy across departments; at ASL we have various other departments providing a range of diverse professional services for example: accounting, secretarial, tax, advisory and payroll. In cases where we provide these services from an audit point of view, it does provide for more efficiency.
  • Monthly training provided to trainees, practice updates together with overall feedback from managers and partners on quality control process. These sessions are in addition to normal training during the year,
  • Project reflection; reflecting on projects after the completion thereof, determining where audit procedures could be approached more efficiently in the following year,
  • Considerations for next year; links with the point above. All employees involved in an engagement are encouraged to look for opportunities to perform work more efficiently throughout the course of the engagement, noting these on the audit files for the year after,

The audit environment is constantly changing, and we are positioning ourselves to not only be able to adapt as soon as possible, but rather to be on the frontline and prepared in advance for anything that comes our way.


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