Audit department strategy – Employee motivation

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March 9, 2018
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March 9, 2018

As a SAICA training office, our department largely consists of trainees completing a 3-year training contract.

Throughout the contract, we are responsible for providing them with sufficient learning opportunities to obtain the competencies SAICA has set.  We also provide extensive on-the-job training to mould them into the best professionals they can be.

The trainees make up an integral part of our service delivery.  We therefore need to ensure that they are sufficiently equipped to deliver the quality service that ASL is famous for.

We as management understand that training involved in this contract is extensive and emotionally taxing on the trainees.  For them, this will be their first time working in a professional environment where they must navigate the difficult task of applying theory in practice, which can be daunting.  Therefore, it is critical to keep our trainees motivated throughout the process.  We focus on enhancing employee engagement levels in order to encourage our trainees to maximise their potential and adopt a positive “can do” attitude.

To do this, we:

  • Invite and initiate feedback through an extensive evaluation process to develop trainees personally and professionally;
  • Identify growth areas and provide tailored guidance to each trainee’s unique development needs;
  • Have a detailed training programme providing appropriate training required for each year of their articles;
  • Provide a mentorship programme to assist trainees in navigating all aspects of their training contract;
  • Provide a training environment where trainees take responsibility for their own development; and
  • Maintain an open-door policy ensuring our trainees have sufficient access to the knowledge and experience they need for each engagement.

Each trainee has been allocated a client portfolio.  As we need to provide trainees with equal opportunities, we have created forums where trainees can share experiences and knowledge, sharing ideas on how they can be more efficient and provide a higher level of service.

As within the audit industry, most of our trainees are only here for a 3-year period.  Over this period, they obtain detailed, in-depth knowledge of their clients.  We therefore have a committed manager and partner to each client providing clients with multiple contact points within the firm.  We also perform extensive planning to ensure continuity of staff as far as possible.

We, as a department, value our staff.  We strive to be an innovative, forward-thinking team that commits to efficiency as well as personal and professional development, which allows us to exceed client expectations in our service delivery, while at the same time deliver high quality professionals. This is the future of the industry.

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