Graduate Programme

ASL offers SAICA, SAIPA and CIMA learnerships for graduates who want to qualify as professionals. We provide assurance that the competencies required will be achieved by the end of the training programme. For the trainee accountants enrolled on a SAIPA learnership who also wish to pursue their CIMA qualification, we offer financial support and study leave for the CIMA examinations and case studies.

We use only the best service providers for training and there is an abundance of internal learning opportunities, including coaching from directors and associates. Our formal mentoring programme and departmental managers ensure that the “on the job training” aspect of learnerships is not neglected.

We take career growth seriously and work together with new members of the team to help them grow and develop interpersonal and leadership abilities, as well as a technical excellence over the course of the graduate programme.

If you are interested in our SAIPA, SAICA or CIMA learnership at ASL, apply now by submitting your CV and academic record.

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  • Ek is tans in my eerste jaar van klerkskap by ASL en ek is nog nie ‘n oomblik spyt oor die keuse wat ek gemaak het nie. Hier by ASL word jy nie net gesien as ‘n nommer of net nog ‘n klerk nie. Jy werk hard, jy lag hard en die mense gee werklik om oor jou. Klerkskap is ‘n uitdaging, maar dis ‘n lekker uitdaging. Hier by ASL leer mens baie meer as net hoe om jou werk tot die beste van jou vermoë te verrig, jy leer oor spanwerk, jy bou verhoudings en jy leer jouself werklik ken. Wanneer jy die keuse moet maak oor waar jy jou klerkskap gaan doen, dink mooi. ASL mag dalk net die beste plek vir jou wees.

    Trainee | Accounting

  • Van dag een af het ek geweet dat ASL die plek is waar ek wil werk. Ek is baie beïndruk met die ASL mense waarmee ek elke dag in aanraking kom en my respek vir hulle raak by die dag meer. Die industrie waarin ons werk groei vinnig en verander gereeld. ASL bied ons die geleentheid en stel ons in staat om by die industrie aan te pas. Elke dag is daar meer as een geleentheid om ‘n verskil te maak en so ‘n bydra te lewer tot die algehele sukses van die firma. Die mense saam wie jy werk raak meer as net jou kollegas, hulle word vriende. Wanneer een swaar trek, spring ‘n ander in om te help. ASL het ‘n baie diverse span klerke asook bestuurders met jare se kennis en ervaring. My posisie binne ASL bied my die geleentheid om te leer en te groei. Ek is nog nie een dag spyt oor my besluit om by ASL te werk nie!

    Trainee | Audit

  • During my association with ASL, through various levels and roles, ASL has always afforded me the opportunity to develop on both a personal, and professional level, through great mentorship, relevant training and practical exposure. I am proud to be associated with ASL.

    Director | ASL Advisory

  • At ASL, myself and fellow colleagues, are encouraged to be positive, work efficiently as a team in order to provide the client with the best possible service. ASL is a place where I have personally grown tremendously as a professional and a person.

    The company culture and excellent professionals at every level, was the reason I wanted to be part of the ASL team and why am still privileged to be part of this amazing company.

    Trainee | Audit

  • Working for ASL for nearly 10 years I can truly attest that “Raising the bar” does not only extend to our service delivery but is a true testimony of our staff philosophy. Reflecting back over my time at ASL I can truly say that the company has not only noticed my potential but constantly assist me in realising the best version of myself. As an employee I have been granted incredible opportunities which included a management position which have granted me invaluable experience. That led to the opportunity of being part of a dynamic leadership team – my greatest honour yet.

    Director | ASL Group

  • There are so many great things about working at ASL. I value the working relations I have with other employees and the overall teamwork spirit that is vested in each and every employee. There is always an open opportunity to further your education and ASL offers many support systems to help you achieve your academic goals. You are constantly given opportunities to explore other career paths within the company, and the flexibility within the company is so refreshing and convenient. It is understandable why so many ASL employees invest in a long career with the company.

    Trainee | Audit

  • Aucamp Scholtz Lubbe provides a supportive working environment that encourages all trainee accountants to grow continously and improve their skills.

    From day one, I was welcomed and allowed to be myself and I’m honored to be part of the ASL team.

    Trainee | Accounting

  • Working at ASL for the past four years has allowed me to diversify my expertise in the accounting profession, including audit and tax. I have been able to work on engagements in various industries including non-profits, investment companies and general trading companies to name a few. There is constant growth and learning as well as having the opportunity to share your own ideas. There are plenty of training opportunities and available resources that allow you to gain the knowledge and experience you want to achieve. In addition, the people that work here are very friendly and are great team members. The firm strives to provide excellent client service to both existing and new clients. I enjoy working here and would recommend this firm to anyone considering a career in the accounting and audit profession.

    Manager | Tax

  • I can personally attest to the fact that ASL believes that employee growth and development is the foundation of business development. It is a pleasure to work for a professional firm that cares about the well-being of its employees and challenges me to constantly “raise the bar”.

    Manager | Human Resources