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Training is one of ASL’s mainstays and the further development of our staff is a definite focus. We offer both SAIPA and SAICA Learnerships based on the requirements of the various programmes and we provide the assurance that all competencies required by SAICA and SAIPA will be achieved by the end of the training program. For those students enrolled on a SAIPA learnership who also wish to study towards obtaining their CIMA qualification, we offer financial support and study leave for CIMA examinations and case studies.

We use only the best service providers for training and there is an abundance of internal learning opportunities. Our mentoring programme and departmental managers ensure that the “on the job training” aspect of learnerships is not neglected. We take career growth seriously and work together with new members of the team to help them grow and develop.

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If you experience any difficulty in uploading your CV and academic record, please email hr@asl.co.za.