ASL Initiatives for 2024

ASL Personeelnuus
March 12, 2024
ASL Personeelnuus
May 30, 2024

The cultivation of a positive work-life balance and active community involvement are central pillars of ASL’s ethos. Consequently, we have two initiatives in the planning for the year 2024: ASL Wellness scheduled from January to June, and ASL Be the Change, slated for July to December.

During the initial six months, our focus will be on fostering the physical, emotional, and cognitive well-being of our workforce. The ASL Wellness program commenced with a six-week walking and jogging challenge, encouraging staff to participate and be active. This will be followed by a six-week pilates course, as well as guidance on adopting healthy dietary habits and sustaining high performance in the workplace.

Subsequently, the ASL Be the Change initiative will kick off, with the first planned event taking place for Mandela Day. This significant day serves to honor the legacy of the late former President Nelson Mandela and encourages citizens to contribute to charitable causes of their choice. We plan to visit Oklahomastreet Primary, a local primary school in Macassar, Somerset West, on 19 July, where we have been actively involved for the past three years. Here we will treat the learners to a concert by Storieskip, a production dedicated to imparting invaluable life lessons to primary school learners. Additionally, we will also be involved with other institutions such as the Heartlands Baby Sanctuary, which we have identified for our Christmas project where we aim to provide gifts to the babies and children under their care.

We firmly believe that through these initiatives, we will not only positively impact the lives of various individuals but also enrich the experiences of our employees. We are priviledged to have the opportunity to effect meaningful change and improvement for those dear to us.

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